Internet Couple?  Online Romance?  You're Kidding!

I first signed up to the internet in May of '96 after graduating college, I needed to find a job. I had read many articles saying the internet was where to look. I was very apprehensive about it all as I am very shy. I actually found it kind of boring and so looked to find a pen pal to email with. I thought this would be so cool, write to someone somewhere else on the globe. I soon found a wonderful friend in Scotland, who of course had a girlfriend. Poor me. But he gently pressured me into meeting him at a chat site, which I was so scared of and never thought I could do. He said to look out for a couple of his friends, John was a name that stuck in my mind. So one day I actually went to the site and low and behold, John was there. I said hello and I believe he knew me right away. Our mutual friend had told him to watch for me. He offered me a virtual drink and from there on I guess the rest is history. I found him sweet and charming right away, and completely honest. After a few weeks of chatting and emailing I started to consider him a close friend. Soon we were soon chatting away privately on powwow (At this time icq was fairly new). It got to the point where the first thing I would do upon getting home would be to check my email. I looked forward to receiving his emails, and we were writing novels. I thought it was so weird to consider this person such a good friend when I hadn't even met him. It's so easy to open up to someone you hardly know, and you think you will never meet. One day we were joking that he would come and visit me, which kind of scared me. So my answer was that I would go and see him. I couldn't believe I had said it. But within the next email or 2 it was planned that I would cross the ocean and met him face to face.

I was so nervous. I had never even been out of my own province let alone fly before. So after rushing around to get tickets and a passport I was on my way. And after only 3 months of emails. We were honest with each other and said we had feelings, but we were also nervous and scared. John still lived at home so I was safe that way, but looking back I was completely nieve. He could have been some kind of weirdo or something. I spent about 3 weeks with him. We even took a trip to Scotland to meet our mutual friend that introduced us. What a holiday!!

Once I returned to Canada I was happier then I had been in a long time. I was coming away from a bad relationship and certainly not looking for another one. But I missed him so much and couldn't stand to be alone without him. Within a month of returning our wedding was being planned. He came to Canada in Jan 97, as soon as he could get some more holiday time. I was so nervous and our visit went rather sour. The wedding was nearly called off due to miscommunication. It was soon cleared up, and exactly one year to the date of our first email, we were married. July 19th, 1997.

Many people often ask me about my "online romance". I get emails quite frequently from others who are in the same situation I was. I love offering advice. When John and I were first chatting and falling in love, we had no one to turn to. Online relationships were still fairly new back then. Even people on the street ask me the odd question, more out of curiosity though.

       Wedding Story

We were married on July 19th, 1997. This is a day I will always remember. It was a perfect day. Everything went smoothly and our closest family and friends were able to come and share this day with us. What more could this internet couple ask for? That's right, we are an internet couple.

The wedding took place in my hometown of Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. This was no small feat as John is from The Netherlands. Luckily John's immediate family were more then willing to travel a large distance to come. The wedding was somewhat small, but everyone I loved was there. My best friend Sherri-Lynn was my bridesmaid, something I always imagined. At One o'clock in the afternoon we all gathered at Our Lady Help of Christians church and had an intimate ceremony. The rest of the day was spent taking pictures and talking with family and friends. Our honeymoon was spent in Niagara Falls, Marine Land and The African Lion Safari. We had an unpleasant experience with the baboons, which cost us in excess of $200.

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