Field of Daisies

Pictures of our family

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Above: Moyra sucking on Conor's toes while Uncle David watches, Papa, Opa and Conor, Moyra with Maryellen matthews.

Below: Conor lets us know that he thinks bananas are sour, Opa with Conor, Uncle David posing with Conor 

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Above: Moyra in her bouncy seat, Conor and Moyra posing with matching t-shirts (eh baby!), Conor sleeping in his infant car seat.

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Above:  Easter Pictures!

Below:  "Toe Inspectors"

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Our trip to the Netherlands (June 2002)

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Above: At the airport - ready to go, sitting in the garden with Oma, Jildou and Niek.

Below: Conor eating Cheerios at Oma and Opa's house, With Papa in front of the Molen in Bourtange, With Opa in front of the harbor in Terschelling, On the ferry with Opa going to the island.

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Happy 1st Birthday Moyra and Conor!!

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Above: Opening a gift from Aunt Anne, Conor enjoying that gift!

Below: Eating cake, Birthday Cake - "It's Great to bee 1"

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Pictures taken at Walmart in July 2002

Below: October 19, 2002

Anne and Wade Pickersgil

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