Cottage Country.  The "Barn"

This site exists to help us keep track of our cottage and to show it to our friends and family. John and I, with the help and support of both our parents, have purchased this little piece of property just outside of Tobermory, Ontario. Situated on Larry's Lake, this cottage is nestled amongst trees and has a gorgeous view. It is our little piece of paradise.

The changes have just begun.  We are happy with the results. Here we can keep track of changes.

Things to do.... Completed
Title Search

Buy Chainsaws

Take Pictures and Measurements

Actually Pay for the Cottage

Make parking Area

Varnish Stairs

Paint Shutters and Trim

Find rental agent

Replace wood burning stove

Pain soffet and balcony

Level off Septic Bed

Add retaining wall along septic bed

Buy Picnic table

Buy Microwave

Buy Propane BBQ

Paint cottage siding

Add banister on stairs

Erect flagpole

Build new dock

Buy cordless phone

Replace front door

replace windows

Clean out septic tank

Carpet 2 bedrooms

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Owners Comments:

This first year has been a good one for us. With the help of my parents and especially Bob and Urs Paxton, we have gotten a great deal done. The rentals also went well, and we have decided to continue renting. It certainly helps with the great expense of keeping the cottage. Next year we are hoping to get some more done *keeping out fingers crossed*

So far the second year has also been a good one. On a recent trip to the cottage, we were able to get some work done. With more help from my parents and from our "staff" Jug and Betty McGaffey, the cottage is starting to feel like our own. The rentals for 1999 should start soon as well. We hope our renters enjoy The Barn as much as we do.

A few words about our third upcoming year. July and August are fully booked and the money will come in handy as we are looking forward to replacing the windows. Every time we are at "the barn" it looks better and better. The garden was a lovely addition last year and the flowers are all doing well. We are happy to be able to use the cottage more often now that we are living in Canada again.

The fourth year of owning and renting the "barn" will soon be upon us. It will be a busy year for us, but not with weekend projects. We will have 2 visits from family overseas. Luckily, there isn't much that needs to be done this year, just some general maintenance. We will be making good use of the "barn" before the rentals begin, and we're looking forward to spending some quiet time up there.

This fifth year has been a rough one.  We have had numerous problems with the water systems.  2002 has also seen us using the cottage less due to the fact we have 2 small children.  While we have many baby items up there, they do not like to sleep there and we are all very tired after our trip.  Perhaps next year will be easier.