Pick of the Crop Award

Canadian Award for Canadians

This site was created on June 1, 1998 and is purely Canadian.  I created this page simply because I have seen so many wonderful Canadian Pages that need some recognition.  There are a lot of pages out there, and a handful of them are "the pick of the crop".
Apply for your award today!

How can you win this award?  Simple email me your Name, Website address and Title, Where you are from and where you heard about this award.  Also let me know why your site deserves this award?

Are you Canadian and you have a  website that rocks?

Is your site loaded with Canadian graphics to display your pride?

Do you love Canada and want to show as much info about it as you can?

If so, email me today and soon your site might be displaying the coveted Pick of the Crop award!

* site must be Canadian in some way: whether it be owned by a Canadian, have Canadian graphics, Canadian links, at least something.
* cannot link simply to an awards page. People want to see why you have won the award!
* personal web pages only! No commercial sites.
* if you win this award, you must link it back to my page.
* Please have text to read.
* Text must be readable with a good background.
* Easy to navigate
* If you use frames, then please provide a no frames option.
* No violence, racism, hatred, disrespect, child abuse, profanity, or sexual content. No one wants to see this. And remember, I will check!
* A place I would want to come back to and visit again.
* I don't like pages that take an excessively long time to load.
* Remember I love it when people sign my guest book!
* winners will be listed here.

I will take the time to check each page personally, and if your site has been accepted, you will be notified by email.

Good Luck!!

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