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Hi there! Welcome to my home on the net. For those of you who don't already know me, my name is Melanie.  I am a Canadian, from a small town in southern Ontario called Wallaceburg.   I was lucky enough to find and marry the man of my dreams, only he was waiting for me online. Yes, we are an internet couple! On July 19th, 1997, we were married in Wallaceburg.  For a few years we lived in The Netherlands, and are now living in Woodstock, Ontario.  We have twins, Moyra and Conor.  To learn more about them you can visit the Oepkes family page.

Describing myself is difficult, I am very complex. I was raised with old- fashioned values, but I tend to like to bend the rules. I have a brother (Dave) and a sister (Anne). I am certainly not what you would call a typical 90's woman. I have many varied hobbies, but nothing that I particularly excel at. I enjoy gardening, reading, crafts and animals. I also have a few collections, which both my husband and I enjoy. I especially enjoy the internet and building homepages. I learned all I know from my husband, the computer programmer, and still have more to learn.

When I am not taking care of my kids, I work at a local jewellery store, and really love my job.  We also have a cottage just outside of Tobermory, Ontario.  Recently, we also acquired a 2002 PT Crusier which we just love.  It's such a fun car to drive and it will look even better once we get all the accessories added.

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